Monday, October 26, 2015

I have my costume ready for Thursday! Do you?

Our Pumpkin Walk is scheduled for this Thursday, October 29th at the Early Learning Center!  As you can see, even while I blog, I have my super girl costume on,  and I'm ready to go!  

On Thursday, students should come to school already wearing their costumes so that we can begin our parade on time. Our Pumpkin Walk starts with us parading through the district offices upstairs.   Believe it or not, our administrator friends enjoy dressing up for this event as much as we do - in fact, the technology department might enjoy it even more!

After we parade through the offices upstairs, we head next door so our friends at The Village of Westerville can see us all dressed up!  Our preschool friends always receive a warm reception from the residents next door.

I gotta go!  Mrs. Kile doesn't have her costume picked out yet, so I need to go help her.

The Polar Bear 
Super Bear

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