Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Here Comes November!

In addition to not shaving in honor of No-Shave-November, I am one bear who is in for a busy month!

  • November 2:  Pizza! Pizza! Fundraiser Pick-up
    • If you ordered Pizza kits as part of our fundraiser, they are schedule for delivery to our center on Monday!  Our PTA has arranged for volunteers to have everything organized and ready for pick-up from 11:15 AM to 12:45 or 3:15 to 5:30 PM.  Remember, they are frozen so they will need to be picked up on Monday!
  • November 3: No School for Pre-School! (or for our k-12 friends, either!)
    • Our teachers will be busy expanding their professional knowledge that day.  
  • November 11: Picture Re-take day!
    • The photographers will be back at the ELC! If you missed our first date, this one's for you!
  • November 25-27: No School for Thanksgiving Holiday Break!
    • As you can imagine, this is a favorite holiday for us Polar Bears who have immigrated to the United States!

.... so starting Monday, you can expect to see my mustache and beard get longer and longer as I help raise awareness of cancer!  

Looking forward to the Pumpkin Parade tomorrow!

The Polar Bear

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