Monday, October 26, 2015

I am such a LUCKY Bear! THANK YOU!

I doubt there are many bears who get dessert with their lunch!  Well, during conferences last week our PTA treated the teachers, staff and everyone's favorite Polar Bear to a delicious lunch .... and boy was it appreciated! Although I love conferences, our teachers work really long days, and it is much easier to stay focused with a full tummy!

So, THANK YOU to everyone who supports our PTA and those who coordinated the event!!

In addition to the PTA lunch, it was also a treat to see so many parents in our center for conferences! On Wednesday and Thursday, I got to see lots and lots of parents in our center meeting with teachers. Based on the conversations that I could overhear, it sounds like our teachers has some really amazing things to report to our parents!

Not all bears are lucky enough to be affiliated with a program that has such supportive parents -

Thank you!

The Polar Bear

P.S. My teacher friends mentioned that you are welcome to contact them if you didn't make it to conferences but would like to find a time to get together.  :-)

P.S.S. Did I mention that I enjoyed the lunch?

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