Monday, May 23, 2016

Tomorrow Is Our Last Day!!

Although this Polar Bear is ready for some fun in the sun, I can not believe that I have only one more day of school with all of my preschool friends!  However, we still have LOTS of fun activities and learning going on around here - just this morning, I have seen students cooking treats, going on a treasure hunt, exploring the outdoors, and more!

Our students have learned so much this year and are ready for whatever comes next!

I know that my friends who are headed to kindergarten are very well prepared and will love their next 12 years in Westerville Schools!

I am also glad that many of my friends will return in the fall for another year of preschool at the ELC. The ELC gets a little lonely when school isn't in session, and I am so glad to know many will be returning!

As I think of steps that come next, I am also reminded of Mrs. Nancy Brunson - she is one of our Speech and Language Pathologists.  Not only has she had a great year helping us learn, she has been helping students in the Westerville School District since 1990!  Mrs. Brunson is smart, caring, hardworking, funny, passionate, ... and VERY HUMBLE!  Because she is humble and reluctant to be placed in the spot light, you might not have heard that she is retiring at the conclusion of this school year. She will certainly be missed!  I hope you will all join me as I send positive thoughts and wishes her way for a well deserved and happy retirement!

(That's me with Mrs. Brunson!)

Please remember that the last day of school for students is Tuesday, May 24!  Have a wonderful summer!

The Polar Bear

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